My fully animated projects. These are films that are entirely made by me! Click the underlined text to go to external links.

Becky and the Lost Egg - The Mudlands. This was my first short film completed after my college years. In this film, I wanted to focus even more on experimental animation and an emphasis on visual storytelling.
The short was featured in an article by Cartoon Brew, and is intended to be part one in a series of three.

Eye of The Terrier was my senior thesis film at Daemen University. In this film, I wanted to go as experimental and wacky with the animation as much as I possible could. This laid the ground work for my future work and how I would go about producing my subsequent films
The film was among the official selection in student films at the 2021 Buffalo International Film Festival and placed Bronze in the Telly Awards for student animation.

In this video, I tried something a little different. The approach with "My Completely Insane School Bus Story!", was to follow the format of a more standard "Story time" YouTube video. You'll see me narrating along in this strange tale that I definitely didn't make up!
In addition to my story driven work, where I try to take the audience along on an emotional experience, sometimes.... I like going for simple laughs as well. Looks like TikTok at least appreciates that approach from time to time!
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